Words of Wisdom: 3 Experts to Consult When Investing in Precious Metals

When it comes to dating, people often seek the help of a ‘wingman’ (or ‘wingwoman’). When deciding  to buy a car, people often seek the help of a trusted friend or salesman. Yet when it comes to investing in gold, silver, and other metals, you’ll find quite a few folks

How Mining and Refining Can Change the Price of Gold

Gold is a luxury product you see often. Celebrities on the red carpet often have gold hanging around their necks, sparkling on their fingers, or dangling around their wrists. When you think of extreme riches, what comes to mind? Likely gold bars sitting in a vault, indicating that their owner

What Does 2015 Hold for the Gold Market
What Does 2015 Hold for the Gold Market?

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, everyone gathers around their television or mingles with friends, and begins the countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Someone might pop open a bottle of champagne, people may throw some streamers in the air. It’s a

Should 2015 Be The Year You Invest in Precious Metals? Experts Think So…

After that dreaded recession and talk about the weakening global economy, you’ve probably heard a lot about precious metals. It seems everyone is buzzing about the need to find their own stacks of gold and silver. However, the great catalyst – an apocalyptic event of some nature where the stocks

From Scotland to Syria: How World Events Change The Price of Gold

Waking up in the morning, you often get to hear news from all around the world. When you sit at your dining table, you might start looking at the headlines that tell you about events both local and global. Turn on the radio in your car and you can hear