Silver Lining: What Can You Do With Your Unwanted Silver?

If you have anything in common with the average Canadian, then you’re probably sick and tired of the fact that your ‘to do list’ keeps on expanding. Vacuum the carpet, mop the wood floors, scrub the bathroom down, replace the shampoo and body wash in the shower, call your loved ones and check in, get maintenance done on the car, pay the power bill, pick up some healthy groceries, and don’t forget to find some time to relax! It’s no wonder that people feel more and more stressed as time goes on. However, you might be surprised at ways that you can cut down your to do list. As you get rid of numbers on your list, you can often reduce your stress and fill out your wallet at the same time. You might be wondering how this is even possible. Start by visualizing what exactly you spend your time dusting, scrubbing, and wiping down. Chances are, you have some valuable metals in your house. Some of these metals are likely sentimental items that you wouldn’t get rid of for the world, but others can be a little less important to you. There’s one particular kind of metal that requires tons of upkeep and care: silver. While your grandmother’s silver pendant may be irreplaceable, you might be wondering if you can get cash for silver when it comes to an old tea set or some jewellery you no longer wear. We fill you in on the facts when it comes to replacing old silver with lots of cash (and more free time!)

You Probably Have This Precious Metal In Your Home Right Now!

Silver is an extremely popular metal that has been used in figurines, statuettes, tea seats, jewellery, and more for thousands of years. At first glance, it’s easy to see why: The metal has a gorgeous sheen that catches the eye. Silver is less soft than gold, but just as pretty. It is also a fashion trend that keeps coming back over and over. In 2013, the catwalks of Paris were covered with slim models wearing silver jewelry and dresses that had silver accents. For the average person, chances are high that they have some silver in their home. If you go through your drawers, shelves, or cabinets, you’ll likely find some right away.

Why Silver Is Simply Adding to Your “To Do” List

Silver is beautiful, but the longer you hold onto it, the worse it looks. If you look online, you’ll see countless guides on how to care for and maintain your silver goods. Nearly every guide starts with a disclaimer along the lines of: “If you care for your silver and clean it regularly…” “While silver requires regular maintenance, it can last for many years….” “With the right material and some time, you can have a beautiful silver collection.” That’s right: silver is actually an extremely high maintenance metal that can be a major time sink. This is why many Canadians are starting to choose cash for silver instead of holding onto unwanted items. Every metal will change colour or rust if left out and exposed to the air due to metal oxides that react to oxygen in the air. Sometimes these oxides cause the metal to rust and corrode, other times it can be more of a positive thing. For example, the gorgeous golden sheen of brass comes from oxidation. Silver is particularly sensitive to oxidation from being exposed to air. The first stage is a yellowish or brown coating on the silver that must be washed away. If things progress past this point, chances are high you’ll have to take them to a professional to be carefully polished and cleaned.

Why Selling Silver is a Solution That Takes a Load Off Your Mind

The average person has lots to do in the day. Whether you’re a student or a parent, on the job hunt or running your own business, working on your own passions or putting in extra time at work, you probably wish there were more hours in the day. So why do people keep silver in their home, which inevitably requires a careful scrub down? They’re often unaware of how much they can get if they trade in their silver. The cash that you get from trading in old items and gifts can really add up. If you’re looking to cover the cost of more textbooks and a new semester, silver could be the solution. Want to travel and see the world? By trading in your unwanted silver, you could pay for a ticket or hotel room. Want to start a new hobby or upgrade your art supplies? An influx of cash could be a huge help. You’ll also free yourself of the stress that comes with keeping silver properly maintained. When your to do list is crammed, getting rid of any chore you can really helps.

Are you intimidated at the idea of getting cash for silver? Don’t worry – it’s much easier than you think. Simply pick a company with a great reputation to sell your silver to. EDI Refining has a reputation for being a solid vendor when it comes to precious metals or electronic scrap. We’d be happy to take your excess silver off your hands and save you some stress. For more information, call us at 1 866 688 3353!