Why Buy Gold and Silver Bullion?

Assets such as gold and silver provide people with protection and insurance against the devaluation of currency during this time of economic uncertainty we are currently experiencing.

Many financial advisors suggest that each portfolio should contain at least 5-10% in physical precious metals.

Physical precious metals means the actual raw metal, not paper gold and silver ETF's (exchange traded fund's)

As With Any Investment - Do Your Own Due Diligence!

Buy Gold, Silver and other Bullion in Canada

Exchange your Precious Metal and Electronic Scrap into Gold and Silver Bullion & Coins.

Whether you've got gold jewellery, printed circuit boards or non-ferrous scrap we can exchange your scrap into refined pure investment grade bullion and coins.

Exchange ratio for high grade gold and silver are as follows:

Standard Refining Terms and Standard Bullion/ Coin Premiums.

Exchange ratio for Electronic Scrap are as follows:

Based on $1700 /oz Gold and $32 /oz Silver
1oz Gold Bar or 54 oz of Silver Bullion can be exchanged for

A)500 lbs of Upgraded OEM Motherboards
B)16 lbs of 486 Ceramic Processor Chip
C)120 lbs of Gold Trim Memory/RAM
D)2060 lbs of Misc. Computer Wire

These are only four examples, many more items qualified from the bullion exchange swap.
Ratio Subject to fluctuation without notice.
Above are only approximate ratios, please contact us for an up to date quote.