1 Oz Asahi Refining .999 Fine Silver Round

LBMA Approved Silver Rounds

The 1 oz Asahi Refining Silver Rounds are popular bullion products known for their purity and quality. Produced by Asahi Refining, a globally recognized precious metals refinery, these silver rounds are composed of 99.9% pure silver, making them a reliable investment choice for those seeking exposure to the silver market.

The design of the 1 oz Asahi Refining Silver Round is often simple and elegant, featuring the Asahi Refining logo along with essential details such as weight and purity stamped on the round. Asahi Refining acquired the former Johnson Matthey precious metals refining facilities, inheriting their legacy of excellence, and continues to produce silver rounds that meet high industry standards.

With a weight of 1 troy ounce, these rounds offer a convenient and divisible form for investors looking to accumulate silver in manageable increments. Their recognizable and standardized design, along with the assurance of purity from a reputable refinery, adds to the appeal of these silver rounds for both collectors and investors in the precious metals market.

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PURITY .999 DIMENSIONS 39 mm x 2.9 mm
WEIGHT 1 Oz Troy