Get Your Shine On: 3 Tips for Maintaining Gold Jewelry

We are naturally drawn and pay more for sparkly objects. Gold buyers are the same

Remember the first time you put that gold ring on your finger, or the gold chain around your neck? When you looked in the mirror, it sparkled and so did your smile. As time went on, however, the shine may have faded, and you probably started wearing it less and less. Perhaps, you put it away thinking you could never sell it if necessary. Well, the good news is that you can restore the shine in a gold item you may have lost interest in. Knowing how to do this can go a long way if you want cash for gold. If you’re able to keep your jewelry in good shape, you might convince a buyer to offer you more cash than what they originally intended.

The Sparkle Factor

It’s interesting to take a look at the effect that shiny objects have on people. A pair of shoes that glimmer under a light, or the finesse of a squeaky clean car is something that we stare at and admire. Likewise, it makes sense why there’s a fascination for having jewelry that shines as well. However, for a buyer of gold, the appearance of a well-maintained item, whether it be a ring, bracelet, or coin even, gives the impression that your items are cared for. It’s really a matter of perception – the gold object many not have lost it’s physical strength or durability, but a lack of shine could make it seem that way. Therefore, it’s worthwhile taking the time and effort to keep your jewelry and coins looking clean if you want cash for gold.

Restoring the Golden Touch

Let’s say you have renewed interest in your gold, and want to make it shine again. This may come out of the realization that you need to earn some cash for gold. It’s good to acknowledge that you should do something about it, but the question that always remains is how to do it. Fortunately for you, there are some wise methods you can use to make your gold jewelry look as new as it once did.

Professional Cleaning

If you want to save yourself the hassle, you can always approach a professional cleaning service to make your gold shine again. With that said, you’ll have to spend some money as opposed to doing it yourself for free. But the ones who offer this service work with specialized machinery that can remove tough stains and discolouration. For example, they may use an ultrasonic or ionic steam cleaner to rid your jewelry of dirt and other particles that reduce its gloss. These cleaners may also provide the additional service of polishing for moderately dull items that don’t require intensive cleaning. So if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, visiting an established cleaner can give you fast results without having to move a muscle.

Ammonia Cleanse

Now it’s time to look at one of our first DIY methods. Ammonia can work well in your favour, but you need to use it judiciously. Before we answer why, it’s worth noting that the occasional use of this chemical can remove dirt and grime when mixed with water (usually one part ammonia, with six parts of water). The process usually goes as follows: You soak the gold item in the mix for no longer than one minute. Afterwards, you rinse the piece thoroughly, and then set it to dry. But there are some issues with ammonia. For one, too much exposure to it is bad for your health, especially if you’re inhaling the fumes. Additionally, the potency of ammonia can damage pearls and platinum – components that exist in many gold items. So you’ll want to think carefully about how you rinse them.

Boiling Water

The third way you can go about cleaning your jewelry is by means of boiling water. It sounds primitive, but it can do the trick in many circumstances. The process is as simple as bringing water to a boil, submerging your jewelry in the water, pouring more water over it, and then turning it off to give it time to cool down. Done. But just like the use of ammonia, there’s a catch. It’s not always appropriate for you to toss your gems into a pot of hot water. Gold itself is fine, but the high temperatures of boiling water can crack pearls, corals, and other gemstones. Therefore, take a good look at your jewelry to make sure that it’s not loaded with these ornaments. The last thing you want is a clean piece of jewelry that’s ready to fall apart!

Post-Op Care

The road to shiny and long-lasting gold doesn’t end at the cleaning stage. It’s now up to you to safeguard them until you’re ready to seek cash for gold. There really aren’t any magic tricks for keeping them in good condition. However, it’s easy to forget some of the simple tips that can preserve them for the future.

Gold is Forever

  • Keep out of reach – It’s vital that you find a place where you keep gold away from certain things or people. There’s no doubt you love your kids and pets and they certainly love you too, but they may not see a gold item the same way you do. They can mistaken it for a toy, damaging it with rough play. Therefore, keep your bling away from those who may unintentionally cause harm.
  • Clean regularly – Now no one is implying you’re a slob, but the reason your gold items may have lost their shine may stem from a lack of regular cleaning. Just because they’re made of metal, it doesn’t mean they are immune to dirt and grease. Washing them every so often will keep those stubborn stains and marks away.
  • Know when and when not to wear – The other thing you need to consider is one of practicality. You wouldn’t wear a suit to go wash your car, would you? Likewise, there are times when you should keep the gold jewelry at home. Don’t wear your precious items when you’re engaged in contact sports (i.e. football, hockey, martial arts), jobs involving heavy machinery, and tasks that generate dust and grime.

Looking Good for the Spotlight

By following the methods and self-care tips mentioned earlier, you can keep your gold jewelry in good condition for as long as necessary. This is something you should strive for regardless of what you want to do with your gold. It’s value resides not only in price, but symbolically as well. However, you should pay even more attention to them if you plan on earning cash for gold. Remember, the perception of  precious metals that look well-maintained can persuade a buyer to offer you more money. So don’t brush off the upkeep of your gold as a chore – it could make your wallet a bit thicker!

Need more info on how to prepare your gold for a buyer? Get in touch with us for advice!