Working With Us Directly Will Maximize Your Final Return!

Working With Us Directly Will Maximize Your Final ReturnWe are located in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Our facility is setup to handle walk-in customers and mail in customers.

We offer all our customers, full transparency, full documentation and the fastest settlements available. Compare our payouts with one of two other online gold buyers, if you find someone advertising higher payout then our calculator, we will simply beat that price.

If you're not local to Orillia but within reasonable driving distance, we highly suggest you take the extra time and drive to see us.

The reason is because we typically pay private individual customers 20%-30% higher than their local gold solutions.

20% may not mean much on $100 worth of material, only $20 difference, but on $1000 worth of material, wouldn't you agree that extra 20% ($200) is worth the extra drive?

At today's high gold prices, it doesn't take much to have $1000 worth of material, a couple troy ounces of karat material will do it!

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Below is our minimum payout per gram, prices will increase with larger volume.

For exact current pricing please call or email for a quote.

We can lock in a quote and hold it for up to 3 days upon request.

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We evaluate your material right at our smelting facility in a secure, professional setting.

The Process

  • 1
    The material is graded into the appropriate categories
    (Silver, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt etc.)
  • 2
    Each category gets weighed and documented.
  • 3
    Settlement is prepared and reviewed with the customer.
  • 4
    Payment is customer approved and payment is made.

How We Test the Material

Silver, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt Acid and Touch Stone Kit
Electronics Conductivity Test
X-Ray X-Ray Fluorescence Test
Hours of operation
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