Hey everyone, just wanted to relay my experience with EDI Refining. I had been contacted by one of the partners sometime last year, asking me to try them out. I had been using Toronto Gold on Bloor Street in the downtown Toronto area, but when the time came, I decided I’d try them.

I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, the expertise, and the manner with which I was treated. The gentleman I dealt with is Peter Marcucci, and he’s a seasoned buyer of gold, who knows how to treat people right.

Toronto Gold’s set-up was impressive. They had imaging, a density machine, and also did acid testing.

When I walked into EDI, and saw their testing setup, I was in absolute awe. They use a spectrometer and it would be an understatement to say it blew me away when I saw it in action. If it weren’t that this technology was so expensive and risky to use out in the field without proper training and education, I would be finding ways to integrate technology like this into my MD arsenal.

Best of all, and the part that everyone here will understand and appreciate, is they beat Toronto Gold’s prices, which are right up there with some of the best prices gold buyers pay. EDI is located about 5-10 minutes off Highway 11 and Memorial Drive in Orillia.

If you guys are thinking of cashing out on your gold finds, they get my highest recommendation. I didn’t ask about mail-in option for out of province members, but they do have a 1-800 number – might be worth asking as their friendliness and top notch service is a refreshing change from the all too common foul play that goes on in the gold buyers market.

Hope this helps :)


What impresses me most about EDI is there professionalism, accuracy and speed when processing my shipments. Also there generous pay out don't hurt either. I wish you guys the Best of Luck in the future. Richard NH, USA

Everything arrived in good order and I am quite thrilled with the pieces! Thank you again, fond of the way you conduct business. Chris.M – Chicago, Illinois

I sell escrap in volume corporately to EDI. They are great to deal with and I appreciate Their consistently fair prices and the no hassle way they conduct their business. Jim.F – Atlanta, Georgia

Another very good day at E.D.I. After delivering nearly 1000 pounds of stuff I was paid within 15 dollars of my estimate of the material value. These guys are good I was very impressed with their new gold analyzing machine as well. My last little button scoped out at 99.4 %.Looking forward to a return trip with some buttons. Cheers guys. Mike.B – Georgetown, Ontario