Cash for Silver, Cash for Platinum & More - Just Mail it in!

We Buy Gold Accross North AmericaWhy Choose EDI Refining Over all the others?

  • We will call or email our quote to you, the same day we receive your material
  • We offer the industry highest insurance coverage on your Secure EDI Mail-In Packages
  • We are a bricks and mortar operation, we accept walk in traffic and have our own state of the art melting and assaying capacities

What our competition does:

  • You will see many online gold buyers that only have a P.O Box to accept your parcels.
  • Some online buyers will just send you a cheque without discussing your payout, leaving you with a limited time period to receive your cheque and mail it back in order to cancel the transaction.
  • Majority of our competitors only insure your shipments only from $100 to $500
  • Many don’t advertise pricing, or offer unrealistic prices.

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Below is our minimum payout per gram, prices do increase with larger volume.

For exact current pricing please call or email for a quote.

We can lock in a quote and hold it for up to 3 days upon request.

PAYOUT % - Pricing Per Gram
Description Purity Under 50 grams 50 to 100 grams 100 grams + of Gold
6 Karat 25% $9.39 CAD $10.20 CAD $11.14 CAD
9 Karat 37.50% $14.23 CAD $15.84 CAD $17.58 CAD
10 Karat 41.66% $15.70 CAD $17.11 CAD $19.46 CAD
14 Karat 58.33% $22.01 CAD $23.89 CAD $27.24 CAD
18 Karat 75.00% $28.32 CAD $30.73 CAD $35.03 CAD
22 Karat 91.66% $34.89 CAD $37.58 CAD $42.68 CAD
99.99% Bars & Coins 99.99% $52.07 CAD $52.07 CAD $52.07 CAD

Once we've received your package, we will assess it and submit an offer; you can either accept or decline. In the event you decline, the material will be sent back to you at no cost; however you must pay for shipping insurance.