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Microsoft Auhtorized Refurbisher NAID Canada R2 Certified OHSAS ISO Certified

We also hold the Ministry of Environment Certificate of Approval

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We Provide the Following Services

Reverse Logistics Refurbishing Remarketing Secure Data Destruction End Life Recycling Commodity Sales
Reverse logistics Services

EDI handles the planning, implementing, and cost effective flow of electronic materials.

The material is tracked from the point of origin with the intent to recapture value through refurbishment, remarketing or end of life commodity recycling.

To find out more about how EDI can maximize your return, contact our sales staff.

Refurbishment Services

EDI staffs a number of technical support members, with the purpose of electronic diagnostics, trouble shooting and repair capabilities.

Private individuals that own electronic equipment that have surpassed their box store warranties, can have equipment diagnosis and assessed. Parts and Labour quoted in a timely fashion. Some additional services we provide are virus cleaning, data recovery and data transfers.

List of items we can service:

  • Flat screen TV’s & Monitors
  • CPU Towers
  • Laptops / Notebooks
  • Hard Drives
  • Cell Phones

Contact our technical staff with your refurbishment inquiries.

Remarketing (Reuse through Resell)

Aside from being a top tier End of Life Electronic Recycler, EDI is extremely strong in the reuse through resell marketing of electronic equipment. We offer outright purchase plans for equipment as well as competitive revenue shared programs.

Contact us, to see how EDI can maximize your assets.

Secure Data Destruction

One of the most important aspects to electronic recycling is having peace of mind that your old electronics do not fall into the wrong hands. EDI offers a number of services to protect your interest. Data erasure is one option; this allows your hard drive a chance to be reused once it has been wiped of all old data. Destruction is the other option to ensure your information remains safe. EDI has a dedicated shredder in-house for exactly this purpose. All of our destruction customers can be supplied with a c.o.d (certificate of destruction). We can provide secure destruction on all electronic equipment to ensure data privacy or to ensure items do not reenter the market place.

Contact our sales staff for more details on this service.

End of Life Recycling

Recycling waste to commodities, end of life recycling happens when electronic equipment no longer has a reuse/remarketing value or if the customer does not wish for it to reenter the market place. EDI is a service provider to the public, small business and corporations. Electronic equipment can hold private information, hazardous items such as cadmium, lead, beryllium and mercury just to name a few. EDI is very strict on how we recycle all the material we receive.

We will handle nearly all material that contains a power cord, battery or circuit board.

Contact our sales staff to find out from we can service your recycling needs.

Commodities Sales

With our End of Life recycling division, we create numerous commodities. Therefore we also go out into the market place and purchase commodities from a number of different avenues.

Some of the commodities we purchase, but not limited too:

  • Reuse / Resell Electronic Equipment
  • Gold & Silver Scrap (Karat, Filled, Plated)
  • Printed Circuit Boards ( Low, Medium and High Grades)
  • End of Life Electronics (Hard Drives, CD Roms, Power Supplies, ETC)
  • Aluminum , Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Lead, Zinc
  • All types of wire ( Cu, Al, Bare, Insulated)
  • Plastics (ABS, PVC, HIPS, HDPE, MIXED)
  • Batteries (Lead Acid, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, N

Please contact our sales team with inquiries, on EDI’s full range of services

Payable Electronic Commodities

"Thank you for your interest in EDI recycling & Asset management services. We have an ever growing business clientele across Canada the States, Mexico and South America. We pride ourselves on being the recycler’s recycler. Due to the high volume of leads and inquires; we have to center out the parties that truly have the intent on dealing with us.

Please go to our contact us page and either fill out the contact us box or email directly at refining@ediinc.ca

Be sure to provide us with important information prior to us having to request it. Information such as: Your business situation, volumes and how often you ship, reasons for searching for a new material outlet, etc."