Why Cash for Silver is a Win/Win for Canadians

Posted on June 12, 2015 @ 6:59 PM EST

If you look at global headlines (which is something precious metal investors and socially aware Canadians both like to do), you’ll probably notice something interesting – the topic of rationing is coming up quite a lot lately. Over in California, residents are carefully measuring the amounts of water they need. Every time politicians debate energy and green policy, the question of whether we should ration our resources and be careful with how we use energy comes up. Rationing even comes up in much more benign and every day circumstances, such as the eternal question college students face: will they share their groceries with their roommates, and if so, how much? When there’s a finite amount of resources, people must act with care.

Silver is one of the resources that we’re beginning to run low on – and that’s a scary prospect, considering how much we rely on it for things like medical care, technological advancement, and cutting edge electronics. However, there’s one solution that Canadians can really benefit from – cash for silver programs. By trading in their unwanted silver around the house, Canadians can contribute to the supply and reduce the risk that we’ll run low on silver when we need it most. Not only does your average person have a chance to earn some pocket money but if enough people make this happen on a large enough scale, it could even affect the price of silver. Here’s why we need to make the silver supply last, and how Canadians can get a personal ‘win’ out of helping out.

Why Silver Is More Than Just Shiny

A big mistake that people make is they often associate silver with jewellery, figurines, and other purely aesthetic goods. It is true that one of the leading uses of silver is in jewellery and other cosmetics goods, and it’s easy to see why people might think it is the sole thing we use it for – after all, it’s hard to forget the glitter of a gorgeous silver bracelet or the sheen of a silver teapot. But really, silver is at the forefront of many exciting things, including energy, medical, and technological research. Whether it’s keeping hospitals safe and sterile, connecting Point A to Point B in electronics, or allowing us to channel the sun’s rays for power, silver is serious business! All of this makes the fact that we’re running low on our supply much more worrisome. Luckily, there are hidden stores we have yet to mine, and they’re waiting in your home.

Why Cash for Silver Is a Great Solution For Canadians

Now that its spring, your thoughts might be going towards spring cleaning – getting rid of all those things cluttering up closets and drawers and cabinets. Old silverware, tea seats, jewellery, even things like electronics, can all contain silver. By trading them in for cash, you reap a few benefits:

1)    Extra money is a big plus that everyone likes. Save up for a summer vacation, put it towards your savings, or maybe just spend it on something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

2)    More storage space. Storage space is a rare luxury for most Canadians, and this is reflected in housing prices – ever notice two similar houses have drastically different prices?

3)    A fresh start. Being able to clean out your home of unwanted or unused goods is, quite frankly, liberating. The above two factors can have a powerful psychological impact that makes getting cash for silver feel even better.

Giving Back (While Still Getting Something in Return)

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on sharing, caring, and “giving back” to the community. Whether it’s through the community service that high schoolers have to complete in order to graduate, or the warm smile and ‘good job’ we grant to people who have given up their weekend at a soup kitchen or helping the less fortunate, we reward folk who go out of their way to give back. Trading in your silver for cash, on the surface, seems like an entirely self serving transaction – after all, you get paid for it, right? However, looks can be deceiving. As we mentioned earlier, silver is used in technological, energy, and medical fields. When you trade in your silver, you’re actually replenishing the good that allows us to do feats like this:

  • Wound dressings and antibiotic creams to help promote healthy healing of injuries.
  • Antibiotic coating on medical devices
  • Medical tubing, such as breathing tubes and catheters
  • X-Rays that require extreme accuracy or low cost
  • Skin treatments
  • Solar energy panels
  • Connecting technology and allowing for switches

Silver is the undisputed best at performing all of these roles – so when you trade in your silver for cash, you’re not just benefiting yourself – you’re helping society continue with these research and applications of silver. Every bit helps, and your old teapot or necklace could be transformed into a solution that saves lives or helps society transition to solar energy!

Back during times of crisis, Canadians were asked to ration, scrimp, save and contribute everything they could to their country. Now, in 2015, the stakes aren’t so high – but there’s still a real need for silver. Luckily, there’s something that you can do to help. By getting cash for your silver that’s just sitting around your home, you can help replenish the global supply – and you benefit as well! This is a real win/win condition. For more information on selling your silver to EDI, just give us a call at 1 866 688 3353.