E Scrap to Bullion Exchange

Posted on July 2, 2013 @ 3:19 PM EST

Electronic Distributors International (EDI) primary business is electronic recycling.

With a zero landfill objective, meaning we aim to recycle all in-bound electronics’ and

try to limit as much as possible content of electronics that previously was buried in our

landfills. Electronics’ contain many hazardous elements and components but they also

hold precious and base metals.


EDI properly handles the hazardous material and also reclaims the precious and base

metals; furthermore we provide asset management services, data destruction services

as well as many more related services.


In early 2010, EDI Refining a division of EDI Inc. was created with a focus of purchasing

scrap gold & silver from private individuals and businesses. Providing Service, Integrity

and Results – EDI Refining has quickly grown into a trustful precious metal service

provider to both small and large volume customers.


We offer full transparency; quality products, reliable delivery and fair buy-back

Programs. These are a few reasons why EDI is a suitable choice, when looking to invest in precious metals.


Since we deal with electronic scrap, non-ferrous scrap and precious metal scrap, We can offer to exchange you’re electronic scrap for bullion. This now allows recyclers to acquire precious metals at super low prices. Since your likely bartering / selling your scrap for more than your purchasing price, and since dealing with EDI you receive low premium charge, this equals some of the cheapest ways to enter the bullion market.


Please note due to frequent price fluctuations, our price/exchange charts do not get updated online.
Please inquire with your product offering, in order to receive and lock in a trade.
The column “lbs required for direct exchange” means the weight required to do a straight exchange for either
1 oz of Gold Bullion or 52 oz of Silver Bullion.

Electronic Recycling

 Commodity Description

Value / lbs

lbs required for Direct Bullion Exchange

Printed Circuit Boards

OEM Motherboards – Upgraded

Please Contact

420 lbs.


Please Contact

395 lbs.

Gold Memory

Please Contact

112 lbs.

Back Panel Boards

   Please Contact

336 lbs.

HDD Boards

Please Contact

186 lbs.

CD/DVD Boards

Please Contact

611 lbs.


Power Supply w/ wires

Please Contact

4800 lbs.

Power Supply w/o wires

Please Contact

5600 lbs.

AC Adapters

Please Contact

4200 lbs.

Hard Drives – Complete

Please Contact

1680 lbs.

CD/DVD Drives

Please Contact

16800 lbs.




Please Contact

2400 lbs.

Cell Phones w/o Battery

Please Contact

292 lbs.

Set top boxes

Please Contact

3360 lbs.

CPU Towers

Please Contact

5600 lbs.

Low Grade Electronics

Monitors, TVs

   Please Contact

Only payable if generated in Ontario

Fax Machine, Printers, Keyboards

Please Contact

Only payable if generated in Ontario































As with any investment, please do your own due diligence.


All the best,


EDI Refining Division of EDI Inc.