SaskTel – Phones for a Fresh Start

SaskTel’s ‘Phones for a Fresh Start Program’ collects old, used, and broken wireless devices from customers from across the province of Saskatchewan and makes sure that they are properly recycled, so these recyclable commodities don’t end up in our landfills. All proceeds from the recycling process of these wireless

Fake gold bar tungsten
Verifying the Authenticity of Gold and Silver

Authenticity is certainly one of the single most important factors involved in buying gold and silver. You need to ensure what you are buying is real; or else your hard earned money could go to waste. If buying from companies in Canada, the odds of buying fake items are particularly

E Scrap for Bullion
E Scrap to Bullion Exchange

Electronic Distributors International (EDI) primary business is electronic recycling.
With a zero landfill objective, meaning we aim to recycle all in-bound electronics’ and
try to limit as much as possible content of electronics that previously was buried in our
landfills. Electronics’ contain many hazardous elements and components but they also

EDI Depository Services

Gold & Silver Insured Vaulting Program

Given you’re interests in our Insured Vaulting Program; we assume you already understand the importance of physical gold and silver ownership.
The storage and safe keeping of those physical precious metals is just as important, as the ownership of

Money: The Most Important Thing to Understand

This video gives some excellent insight from the honourable Ron Paul about our economy and where is it heading.
Mike Maloney: Founder and Owner of
Author of “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”
Ron Paul: Doctor of Medicine
US Congressman
Ran for the 2008 & 2012 US