Why Gold Investing Is a Gift That Grows

In many ways, we currently live in a society that focuses on instant gratification. If you’re hungry, just pop a microwave meal into the oven. You’ll soon find it hot and waiting for you after just a few minutes. When you play a game in your free time, you can

Why Cash for Silver is a Win/Win for Canadians

If you look at global headlines (which is something precious metal investors and socially aware Canadians both like to do), you’ll probably notice something interesting – the topic of rationing is coming up quite a lot lately. Over in California, residents are carefully measuring the amounts of water they need. Every

How Does Gold Measure Up Against Other Global Currencies?

Comparing one thing to another is an inevitable human instinct that we all do eventually. Sometimes, this is a smart way to tell value. For instance, if there are two electronic products and one is twice the price of the other, despite having the exact same stats and specs, that’s

Game Over: When Do My Electronics Need Recycling?

“There are only two things certain in this life: death, and taxes.” You’ve probably experienced taxes with each product you buy or paycheque you earn. Hopefully, you haven’t had to deal with too much of the former category. However, when it comes to your electronics and technological devices, this saying often

What Experts Say About the Safety of Offshore Precious Metal Investments

There are several ways to invest in high value metals such as gold and silver. Some take to the physical forms, such as coins, bullion, and jewelry. Others invest in certificates, bonds, and stocks. Apart from the form, however, is the location. You can keep these metals in your home,