Gold jewelry can often sell for much more than you think
Want Cash for Gold? Watch Out For These 3 “Rookie Mistakes”

They say one of the best ways to learn is learning from your mistakes. That’s good advice, especially for young people growing up, but there’s some mistakes that you want to avoid. When selling gold, there’s the potential to make some choices that may cost you. Although it’s not the

If you no longer have an emotional attachment to silver jewelry sell it
5 Motivating Reasons For Selling Silver

In a world that places so much value on gold, it’s easy to see why some people may underestimate the value of silver. These individuals may have a good number of silver items they can sell, but don’t see them as having much earning potential. How sad! Silver, too, is

As the calendar passes by, gold's value can rise and fall
Peaks & Valleys: Why Short-Term Gold Market Fluctuations Shouldn’t Worry You

Have you ever heard the saying: “The best way to judge a person’s future behaviour is from their past behaviour”? If someone tends to act out in certain situations, you should pay attention to that. Let’s say you bring a friend out to a movie, and he likes to play

From the Mine to Your Jewelry Box: The Fascinating Journey of Gold

Walking into a jewelry store that’s filled with sparkly and glittery gold jewelry makes us stop in our tracks. It’s as if time is suspended, and you may fall in love with a bracelet, ring, or necklace. “Wow!”, you might say. But not everyone thinks about where gold comes from.

Is there a correlation between gold prices and the economy Science suggests no
Think You’re Investing in Gold for the Right Reasons? Think Again

In grade school, we all learn the 5 W’s that you should ask yourself before telling a story. The What, Who, When, Where, and Why. Each of these W’s are essential for accurately describing and understanding a situation. Canadians who are interested in gold investing should also be able to