edi refining company warehouse
How Can Consumers Find a Refinery That’s as “Good as Gold”?

When shopping for jewelry, you probably wouldn’t pick the first ring or necklace you see. It’s a process. You want to examine the different styles, shapes, and materials that go into them. There’s often a desire to compare and contrast items with each other, and visualize how they’d look with

how to know when it's time to recycle a gaming console
Farewell Old Friend: How Do You Know When To Recycle a Gaming Console?

When you were a kid, playing games could be a bit of a hassle. If you ever had a Nintendo Entertainment System, the first generation of what would eventually become more sophisticated pieces of technology like the Wii and the Wii U, then you probably have fond childhood memories of

SaskTel – Phones for a Fresh Start

SaskTel’s ‘Phones for a Fresh Start Program’ collects old, used, and broken wireless devices from customers from across the province of Saskatchewan and makes sure that they are properly recycled, so these recyclable commodities don’t end up in our landfills. All proceeds from the recycling process of these wireless

E Scrap for Bullion
E Scrap to Bullion Exchange

Electronic Distributors International (EDI) primary business is electronic recycling.
With a zero landfill objective, meaning we aim to recycle all in-bound electronics’ and
try to limit as much as possible content of electronics that previously was buried in our
landfills. Electronics’ contain many hazardous elements and components but they also

Shift to Mining Electronics

Cellphones contain a vast array of minerals – gold, silver, platinum, copper – and over 50 other specialty metals. As an ore body, trashed cellphones represent a much higher per-weight value than raw materials from a mine: a fact that has spawned a value chain that parallels conventional mining. However,