The 7 Unexpected (and Surprising) Uses of Silver

Coins, accessories, jewelry, and figurines are what come to mind when we think of silver. And when we think of technology and advancement, a whole different set of words come to mind: plastic, steel, technological chips, and more. However, Canadians need to shake up this thinking when it comes to

Looking For Extra Cash? Check Your Kitchen For This Valuable Scrap

Take a moment and think about electronic valuables. What comes to mind? You probably think of the most expensive things that your average person owns – a desktop computer, a brand new smartphone, a top of the line laptop, or a computing tablet. If you were told that electronic scrap

Step Aside, Gold: The Other Precious Metals Worth Your Investment

The world has a fascination with gold. Scratch that. The world has an obsession with gold. Everyone wants a gold watch or a gold chain or a gold wedding ring. It’s worth noting that gold is one of the world’s most valuable metals, and owning it in some form has

Words of Wisdom: 3 Experts to Consult When Investing in Precious Metals

When it comes to dating, people often seek the help of a ‘wingman’ (or ‘wingwoman’). When deciding  to buy a car, people often seek the help of a trusted friend or salesman. Yet when it comes to investing in gold, silver, and other metals, you’ll find quite a few folks

How much does this gold cost It depends on its mining process
How Mining and Refining Can Change the Price of Gold

Gold is a luxury product you see often. Celebrities on the red carpet often have gold hanging around their necks, sparkling on their fingers, or dangling around their wrists. When you think of extreme riches, what comes to mind? Likely gold bars sitting in a vault, indicating that their owner