how to recover from a gold scam
So They Pulled a Fast One…How to Recover from a Gold Scam

Your heart thuds, your mind races, your feet tap, your face flushes. You go online looking for a lawyer, and spend all the moments in between on phone calls, wishing for the day when a fraudster faces the law. If you are the victim of a gold scam, you can

stash or trash which electronics should you recycle
Stash or Trash: What Electronics Should You Get Rid Of?

Let’s say you walked into the house one day and saw your entire family seated in the living room. They’re staring at you silently, and your significant other or parents tell you it’s time for an intervention. In your case, it’s the fact that you’re a hoarder of electronics. “Some

regular cleaning keeps your gold jewelry looking sparkly
Get Your Shine On: 3 Tips for Maintaining Gold Jewelry

Remember the first time you put that gold ring on your finger, or the gold chain around your neck? When you looked in the mirror, it sparkled and so did your smile. As time went on, however, the shine may have faded, and you probably started wearing it less and

Gold jewelry can often sell for much more than you think
Want Cash for Gold? Watch Out For These 3 “Rookie Mistakes”

They say one of the best ways to learn is learning from your mistakes. That’s good advice, especially for young people growing up, but there’s some mistakes that you want to avoid. When selling gold, there’s the potential to make some choices that may cost you. Although it’s not the

If you no longer have an emotional attachment to silver jewelry sell it
5 Motivating Reasons For Selling Silver

In a world that places so much value on gold, it’s easy to see why some people may underestimate the value of silver. These individuals may have a good number of silver items they can sell, but don’t see them as having much earning potential. How sad! Silver, too, is