precious metal lingo
Precious Metals: Lingo You Should Learn When Selling Gold or Silver

When it comes to selling jewelry, bullion bars, or coins, there are no rules engraved in stone. Much of what takes place between buyers and sellers is conditional, and deals are made on the fly. But that doesn’t eliminate the need to know the terminology of precious metals.
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Junk cars are much more than wasted metal - they’re precious
Are You Aware of the Hidden Treasure Inside Your Old Car?

Once a car passes its prime, the burning desire and admiration its owners once had starts to fade. The repairs, the expenses – they’re all signs that a new set of wheels is in order. Now you might not think much of your car when it reaches the junkyard, but

Pieces like this are expected to fall out of vogue_Silver shortage
A World Without Silver: Why This Precious Metal is Running Low

One of the most common pet peeves that people have is running out of something when they need it most. If you wake up in the morning and pour yourself a bowl of delicious cereal, you’re likely going to be peeved when you open up the fridge and find that

how to recover from a gold scam
So They Pulled a Fast One…How to Recover from a Gold Scam

Your heart thuds, your mind races, your feet tap, your face flushes. You go online looking for a lawyer, and spend all the moments in between on phone calls, wishing for the day when a fraudster faces the law. If you are the victim of a gold scam, you can

stash or trash which electronics should you recycle
Stash or Trash: What Electronics Should You Get Rid Of?

Let’s say you walked into the house one day and saw your entire family seated in the living room. They’re staring at you silently, and your significant other or parents tell you it’s time for an intervention. In your case, it’s the fact that you’re a hoarder of electronics. “Some