Looking For Extra Cash? Check Your Kitchen For This Valuable Scrap

Posted on March 6, 2015 @ 4:07 PM EST

Take a moment and think about electronic valuables. What comes to mind? You probably think of the most expensive things that your average person owns – a desktop computer, a brand new smartphone, a top of the line laptop, or a computing tablet. If you were told that electronic scrap is extremely valuable and you could sell some, you would think of these things first. However, someone who is willing to look beneath the surface can be surprised by some of the treasures that are in their house or apartment. The key is to think about more than just the external value of a device – what lies beneath the surface? And you might be even more surprised to realize that your microwave, blender, or another kitchen device could contain valuable metals. Electronic recycling often focuses on the ‘fun’ gadgets in your life, but there’s more to the field than that. Take a look inside your own house and you might realize you’re sitting on a hidden treasure trove. We take a look at some of the most common kitchen, cooking, and serving appliances and tools that might contain some precious metals or valuable scrap, and explain how you can go about recycling or selling them.

Why You Can’t Judge Scrap By Its Appearance

We’re a very value-conscious society, and therefore it makes sense that people think that the most valuable metals are the ones attached to glamorous items. But here’s why you – and we, as a society – need to change that perception. Every year, valuable metals go into trash heaps or landfills. To make matters worse, some of those metals are in short supply, and we are desperately in need of more! In fact, we’re running out of silver, and yet people will thoughtlessly throw theirs out because they don’t see the real value here. Electronics and precious metals should be carefully considered before going into the trash. Also, there’s a serious environmental concern as well – electronic scrap must be processed in a certain way. You may be able to toss your breakfast out in the compost heap, but you certainly can’t do the same with your waffle maker.

Some of the Biggest Targets in Your Kitchen

Let’s take a look at the appliances and electronics in someone’s kitchen and see which ones might have valuable scrap that can be sold for some extra spending money.

Is Your Microwave Lacking Some Heat?

Microwaves are a constant in most kitchens, from the home to the office. We tend to count on their presence to heat up our lunch and make cold leftovers delicious again. But nothing lasts forever – including the warmth of a microwave. Once yours fails you are probably thinking about getting your next one – but don’t just toss yours in the trash. Instead, consider it as a source of electronic scrap.

Fry It Up!

An air fryer is a tool that culinary experts would use to create a nice crispy layer on their food and really fry it up. A mechanical fan inside produces and circulates hot air. Since it doesn’t use oil, you might have one of these in your kitchen if you’re a healthy eater. If yours just isn’t doing the job, it may be time to sell yours as scrap.

A Little Kitchen All in One Tool

A “mini kitchen” is a tool that students and bachelors love because it fits on your counter, and it’s the size of a microwave, but it can grill, bake or roast up some food. It’s a relatively simple tool, but it’s meant to do a lot – and that makes it a tool that contains some valuable scrap.

Rise to the Occasion

Bread makers are becoming a more popular tool across America and Canada, and it’s easy to see why – why would you want to go to the grocery store when you can just make your own fresh baked bread? These machines seem old fashioned, but they can actually be expensive, sophisticated, and chock full of valuable electronic scrap.

The Big Players

Have you ever noticed that the fridge or your oven has a distinctly different appearance from the one you grew up with? When you were a kid, managing a fridge was simple – open the door, pour a drink, close the door. Now there are icemakers and temperature calculators and all sorts of computers built into high-end fridges. Most of us still prefer the basics, but you’ll still see more and more of these high-end kitchen appliances. The same thing applies to ovens. If you look at ovens, there are more options than ever for cooking your food at the exact temperature you want. When your fridge or your oven dies, there’s the initial panic of replacing one of these big ticket items. But once that happens, consider recouping your loss by using the electronics in the device for a profit.

EDI Refining has been working to make sure Canadians are aware of the pros of electronic recycling. We do more than buy and sell gold and silver – we also help you recycle your scrap and sell it for a profit. For more information, visit our blog for a look at the surprising facts on e-recycling and places you can find scrap in your home.